Thursday, November 13, 2014

Trail running Madrid - Cotos - Cabezas de Hierro - Peñalara - Cotos


Breve versión en castellano:

Una bonita carrera trail en Sierra de Guadarrama que une dos picos mas altos de la Comunidad de Madrid. Contiene tramos campo/bosque a través, especialmente en la bajada de Cabezas y parte por arriba de la carretera de Rascafría. El recorrido mas bonito que he hecho en nuestra sierra hasta ahora - sobre todo la bajada por el bonito Valle de Valhondillo. Me perdí varias veces, recomiendo seguir el track de mi carrera que se puede descargar aquí.


(An occasional mud pit can suck you in....)
From about quite some time I was looking for an interesting alternative to running up and down Peñalara when I wanted to train close to home but at relatively higher altitude. One day looking at a map I had an idea to make a loop that would connect two highest peaks of the Madrid province: Peñalara and Cabezas de Hierro.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

San Martin de Valdeiglesias

This is the first post of, hopefully, many describing the crags around Madrid in a bit more detail.
In this one we'll try to take a closer look at one of the closest regions to the capital and, at the same time, probably one of the more recently developed - San Martin de Valdeiglesias. The benefit of this zone, apart from it's relative closeness to Madrid, is the big artificial lake with sandy beaches and multiple water sports possibilities - makes for a perfect place to combine climbing with sunbathing or swimming!


Distance from Madrid: 75-80 km
Rock: granite
Type of climbing: sport-bolted
No. of climbs: circa 200
Avg. height: 20m
Approach: all the sectors accessible from the same parking, not more than 10 min. of walking between crags.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Climbing around Madrid - undiscovered crags that can surprise (or disappoint!).

Hello Fellow Climber,
So, coming to Madrid and wondering if you need to bother to take your rock climbing shoes with you and worry about that Ryanair guys to classify your rope as a dangerous item and not allowing it in the carry-on luggage? Worry no more and get the stuff packing!

Madrid is a great place for rock climbers of all kinds - some of the people will have heard of the mighty slabs of La Pedriza or perhaps even the limestone vertical single pitch climbs in Patones, but there are other places (as in the whole Spain really) which are unknown not only for the guiris (that's how we are called here) but also for the locals.

Those places are at times crags where history was made and are worth a visit for this fact alone.  Others provide a welcome relief from the influx of weekend climbers (myself being one of them) and offer a peaceful atmosphere and a complicated approach.

In this blog, among other things, I'll try to present some of those little gems, just in case someone is on the lookout for the less obvious climbing venues. I'll also try to present noteworthy books and logistics information. The information on the less-known crags is quite hard to find and mostly in Spanish, so hopefully the info here will be useful - if you need anything more - do let me know and I'll try to search for this info.

Following is the list of the crags located around Madrid and up to 2h of driving away from the capital. In the links below I'll try to gather most important information - if you feel anything is missing please let me know!